SilverTile: Old-school gaming on a modern platform (part 2)

3. desember 2009

I will try to keep SilverTile simple with just the features needed to get my game running.

At the very least SilverTile will support the following:

  • Rendering to a surface (WriteableBitmap)
    • I think this is the fastest way to render pixel graphics in Silverlight (done)
  • Support both tiles for background / terrain, and moveable sprites
    • Sprites should support animation (done)
    • Sprites should support transparent pixels (done)
  • XAML for game level setup
    • Support using XAML to setup the game levels/maps (done)
    • SUpport using XAML to define sprites and animated sprites (done)
  • Collision detection
    • Tiles should support bounding-box collision detection (done)
    • Sprites should support bounding-box collision detection (done) and possibly per-pixel collision detection (not yet)
  • Input control
    • Keyboard input should be handled in a structured way
  • Game infrastructure support
    • Support for transitions between levels/maps defined in XAML (done)

In addition I think SilverTile needs a way to handle the game and a game session as an entity, but that can wait until later. This is implemented in the SilverTileGameWorld class.

Any comments? Did I forget anything essential? I will update this page with any new features and with some progress information as soon as I have anything to report.

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