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9. mars 2010

A few days ago I discovered a very interesting project. Ryan Corradini has a project named Canvassa that is a HTML5/Canvas based Zelda clone. He does more or less the same thing I do with SilverTile but his approach is quite different. His blog is quite interesting and especially the posts about reverse engineering the game map based on a huge picture was very interesting.



Inspired by Ryans posts I wrote a simple C# program that would parse the entire map for The Legend of Zelda (I found the map here) and spit out tile images and Xaml code that SilverTile could utilize. (More on this in a later post - it was quite fun actually!)

The entire game world - click the image for the full 4096 pixel wide version


With this in place I think SilverTile is ready to be tested by a broader audience than me and a couple of friends. So that is where you dear reader come in.

I need you to test out two versions of SilverTile, one running under Silverlight 4 beta and one running under Silverlight 3. If you only have Silverlight 3 installed then just run that one. :-) What I am after is feedback on wheter I need to optimize the game engine or not. In its current state the engine is full of naive implementations that could probably be easily optimized, but I don't want to spend unnecessary time on it. I am also interested in getting feedback on the game engine itself. Does it work? Is it playable? What should I change?

Monsters! This is what awaits you if you move left from the start area


Once the game is running you can control your character using the arrow keys. Move to the open edges on the screen to visit other areas of the game world. If you move to the left you will face hordes of enemies and if you move up you will face a few enemies. All other areas are empty, and you cannot fight the monsters at the moment. If you die just reload the page to start again.

What I want you to do is the following:

  • First move around the screen and see if you can control the player sprite properly.
  • Then move up to the next area and see if the monsters run around more or less randomly. If you run into a monster your life (the hearts) should decrease.
  • Then move back down and to the left. Here you will meet a huge number of monsters. Watch the monster counter and let me know how many monsters there are when the game starts to feel sluggish. Aslo watch the frame rate counter in the bottom of your browser window. It should be around 38-40. How long can you survive before the monsters eat you?
  • Finally explore the map a little and see how this works. Does the game engine crash or behave strangely?


When you are done testing I want you to leave a comment to let me know what kind of computer you are running and what your results were. I am particularily interested in hearing how many monsters the game engine could handle and if you experience anything strange. Which operating system and browser you are using is also interesting.

Click here for the Silverlight 4 version and here for the Silerlight 3 version.

Thanks in advance for helping!

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